Adieu Dear Listeners, Adieu!

Hello dear listeners

This is my last blog entry to let you all know that I will no longer be hosting Creative Soul Cafe radio show.

My  interview with  Pollyanna Darling has been my last.

I can hear some sighs, gasps and oh’s from here and I want to explain my actions.

You have been a wonderful audience and my decision was not lightly made nor capricious.

It is simply that I do not have enough hours in the day to do all that I need to follow my path to be of service. We have spoken a lot about standing up to the plate and following through with what we know we must do – and it is time for me to do that.

Knowing your core gifts and agreeing to use them starts a massive shift in consciousness and direction. Many  of you may be experiencing this yourself.

2011 has been a year of preparation for us to step into our greatness. By greatness I mean the place where we can be of most service to others.

I have loved my time with you over the air and I am deeply grateful to those of you who have taken the time to send me messages of encouragement, and thanks. I have kept every single one.

I hope that my time here has brought you some solace, joy, laughter, knowledge and communion.

I have been blessed to interview some of our leading lights in the movement to self awareness and I am honoured they agreed to willingly spend the time with me to be interviewed. It has been a great honour.

The Law of Attraction Radio Network is a very special place to be and I am so grateful to Jewels for taking this down under Aussie and allowing her a place on her wonderful network. Without her mentoring, love and attention my shows would never have been what they are now.  There are many wonderful hosts on the network and I urge you to try them, if you have not done so already.

All my shows are recorded, archived and  are available for download, if you have not done so already – but they will not be there for much longer – so if you haven’t heard some of them and wish you to will need to get downloading now so as not to miss out.

My last and most sincere thanks though lie with you dear listeners. You who have put up with my thought processes and my sharing and my own unique brand of humour and accent!

Thank you…. Thank you….

And before I sign off…

A poem I have written for the occasion…

This is a small world we live in

May our paths cross again

As bright lights we attract each other

Remembering we are friends

We are one!

And a smile from the SMILEY CARDS…

Your smile reminds me that Angels are present even for me!



What is the 11 Project for 11/11/11?

Hello there

I found this today and wanted to share with you… This is the information from the project – Please take a look!


Some of you may know what we’re up to and some of you may have no idea but you’ve been told to check us out. Or maybe you’ve just stumbled upon us by mistake! Either way, here’s a little bit about what we’re doing and what we’re trying to achieve! Well, for starters, November 11 this year gives us a date of 11/11/11 – a once in a hundred years occurrence, so we’d thought we’d recognise the occasion like never before! Who knows how they’ll celebrate it in 2111, but we’re all pretty sure we won’t have the opportunity to find out.

So what are we asking of people then?

 As soon as the clocks in your country tick over to midnight on 11/11/11, you are free to unleash your creativity for all 24 hours of the day! If you have access to a film/video/digital camera, mobile phone, microphone, internet, or anything else that you record on and upload onto a computer, then you are invited to take part in the biggest creative project of our human history!

We are asking anyONE and everyONE to take part! There are 196 countries in the world (and thousands of languages) and ideally we’d like submissions from ALL of them, although we know some may be more tricky than others – but we WILL get them 🙂 On this day, we want you to film, photograph, record some music, capture sounds, or blog/Tweet.

For more information on what you can do, check out the Participate page at

It’ll give you much clearer information!

 Now when we have all your submissions, which will have to be uploaded by November 22 (we’ll give you 11 days to do it, seeing as it’s a good number for us), we will then go about the long process of creating a number of awesome pieces of work.

These will include a WORLD MUSIC COLLECTION that we will create from all the songs that we receive. I say we, we will be leaving the music side of things to our very trusty Executive Music Producer, Imogen Heap, as she knows a little bit more about these things than we do! From the photography submissions, we will be creating a PHOTO BOOK that will bring together the most fantastic shots from around the world and will also include many of the blogs and Tweets that are submitted on the day! And the big one, with all of the film and sound entries that we receive, we will be creating a 2 HOUR DOCUMENTARY that will show how the world lived on 11/11/11! The sounds that you submit (be it the birds singing that wake you up in the morning, or the traffic rushing past your office) will be used in creating the score for the film, which Ms Heap will be taking care of too!

Now this is going to take us a while to put together – we will be having to deal with thousands of submissions, and we don’t want any of them to be missed out in the judging process – so as a thank you present for being patient and waiting for your work to be make it to the big screen, we’ll be holding FREE screenings around the world on September 21, 2012. And we’re not restricting ourselves to cinemas, we’ll hold them anywhere. If you want to hold one, and you can guarantee that you can get 100 viewers and you have suitable equipment (i.e. a screen and speakers), we’ll send you a copy of the finished film so you can put on a screening – university or town hall, a park or art gallery, it doesn’t matter, we’d love for you to hold one! Once the worldwide screenings have been held, we will be making the film available for purchase as a DVD or via digital download (iTunes, a Netflix and the such!). Hopefully we’ll make plenty of money from this! Not that we’re going to keep any of it. The 11Eleven Project is ENTIRELY not-for-profit! All of the revenue from the sales of our products will be split evenly among our chosen charities which are:







These have been chosen extremely carefully by us as we had to make sure that they will be spending your money wisely, and we know for a fact that they will be!

You may be asking, WHY are we doing this? Well it’s quite simple really.

We want to plant a seed of compassion in the world and allow people all over the planet to gain a perspective of this crazy rock that we all live on. Are people from different parts of the world really that different? Different cultures may have different traditions, but we’re pretty sure a teacher in Madagascar is trying to achieve the same as a teacher in the USA, or a Muslim father wants the same for his children as a Jewish father! We want to look back on and see how the world was in 2011.

We’re looking for truthful stories from people around the globe that will give us a clear idea of how it is to live where you do, something that news channels or other programmes miss out on. But we’re not giving you a totally blank canvas to work with (apparently that’s a bit daunting for some), rather we’re giving you 11 topics to help you with your creativity.

Now don’t think these are here to restrict you, they’re merely guidelines that you can interpret in any way you see fit! Here are the 11 topics that we have chosen in order to help you with your storytelling on 11/11/11! These are totally open to interpretation, so don’t feel restricted by them in any way!

 Beginnings • Heartbreak • Make a wish • Faith • Courage • Routine • Water

• Play • Darkness • Beauty • Love

Now you know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, you have no excuse to not get involved. We don’t want this to be a chore, we want you to have fun doing it, so get your friends and family involved! And if you’ve already got an event planned, make sure you capture it! At the end of the day, everyone has a story to tell – what may seem boring to you, may seem ridiculously interesting to someone else! So get out there on 11/11/11 and help us realise that we’re not all that different after all. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

I have registered – how about you?



Gifts from Pollyanna Darling – Creative Soul Cafe Competition!

Hello there

 Pollyanna Darling is  happy to offer a free 30 minute intuitive phone session to the person that posts the best, most vibrant answer to this question:

 “How do you know if you’re in love?” 

Pollyanna has created a post on The Relationship Revelation blog ( titled

Creative Soul Cafe Competition  with a link to the interview.

Please use the comments section to answer the question.

The competition is open for 2 weeks from today!

And I will start the ball rolling and get you into the mood with a few love poems from my pen!!!


I look

And fill my eyes

I feel

And lose my arms

I taste

And  savour my tastebuds

I hear

And surrender my heart

I know

And let go my mind

I am

Blissed to overflowing

At knowing you

My love.


and another ….


In a moment of regard unnoticed

Your face in profiled reverie

You emanate oh! so gently

The love that is your being….

And in the mext moment

You turn, smile

And the fullness of love

Shines from your face

Pole-axing me with your



It is your tenderness

That has the  most

Charm for me

Its embrace, so unexpected

It takes my breath away.


Your words weave

Magic threads through my heart

Opening me with each breath

To loving you more.


When I look into your eyes

My love

I see all the expressions of

God made manifest!


Wishing you the blessings of love in your life!



Love and Relationships with this week’s guest – Pollyanna Darling.

Pollyanna Darling

Hello there

My guest this week  is Pollyanna Darling ,  author of The Relationship Revelation -It’s all you.

So this week we are discussing love and relationships and us!

Pollyanna Darling is an intuitive life coach, mother of four boisterous little boys, creator of the 120 Day Do What You Love Challenge and lover of laughter. She specialises in two main fields: relationships and creativity.

Pollyanna, whose childhood dream was to be a writer, recently completed and published her first book      The Relationship Revelation – It’s All You.

William Whitecloud, author of The Magician’s Way said “This book really is a revelation! Pollyanna Darling has done a marvellous job of making it clear that we are the sole determinant of what we create. The beauty of her premise is that the consciousness she evokes to attract the love we yearn for can equally be applied to creating everything else that matters to us.”

Pollyanna has a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and dabbled in IT, Marketing, business development and child-bearing, before discovering her love for coaching.

I’m looking forward to asking Pollyanna all the juicy questions!

Until then


Feminine Energy, Personal Presence and Leadership with Rachael Jane Groover

 Hello Everyone

 Do you feel a stirring to BE more?

Have you ever said to yourself, “I have so much inside me, I just want more courage to express it?”

Your vision of how you want to positively affect the world could be large or small – that doesn’t matter.

However, your level of presence, authentic confidence, and feeling of worthiness DOES matter.

Rachael Jayne Groover, founder of The Feminine Spirituality and Leadership Institute and author of the book Powerful and Feminine, (who I recently interviewed on the show) has just released a complimentary video course that I recommend every woman watch immediately.

Watch the first video in this course NOW!

 This is for women who are committed to their spiritual development and want to be an inspiring example of a leader who is powerful and feminine.

Whether you want to reach more people with your business and message, or have a greater impact in your local community, this free video series will help you be seen and heard in a powerful way – with clarity and presence.

It will teach you how to embody a powerful feminine presence, and make a difference doing what you love – without the struggle! Watch the first video in this course NOW!

 The feminine energy doesn’t like to struggle.

In this video course Rachael Jayne teaches:

* The 6 most important skills and areas of growth for a woman who wants to be inspiring feminine leader.

* A simple process to discover which area of your spiritual development needs the most attention right now.

* A profound set of practices that will increase your personal presence, feminine energy, and vocal power so you can walk into any room and attract the attention you want.

* A way to determine your current level of personal presence and magnetism.

* An effective tool to work with your “Feminine Shadow.

” When you find out which aspect of your feminine nature you have been repressing and denying and start to integrate that, everything will start to change in both your inner and outer world.

Watch the first video in this course NOW!

 Rachael Jayne practices what she teaches.

You’ll see that in the video.



This Week’s Guest is Robin Marvel

Hello Everyone


I hope you will join me and hear Robin Marvel’s story.

Robin Marvel is a multi-published author and nationwide motivational speaker in the field of self development. She has taken the negative situations she was dealt throughout her life and turned them into motivation and purpose. Getting audiences on their feet participating in the empowerment of their lives is her core purpose.

You can find out more about her story at

See you there!



Gifts from the Shell Essences and Nancy Parker!

Hello there

I urge you to take up Nancy’s offer and get an essence blend to experience for yourself!

Here are the details:

1) Nancy is offering the first…….  20  ….. people who  contact them by phone a personal blend of Shell Essences made specifically for you!  – cost  Aust$15.00 (Including postage within Australia) – usually Aust$31.00 + postage)!!! BUT you must tell them you heard about it from the Creative Soul Cafe Radio Show!

But to take up this offer you must Phone because Nancy and her team ‘tune in’ to customers over the phone to do this. The contact details are: 


phone: +612 9528 4106

For time zones differences please checkout

2) 5 copies of  Nancy’s book Messages from Shells

I have these copies and I will post them out to the first 5 people who contact me at the following address:

Let me know what you thought  of the program and why the essences feel like a right match for you!

Until next time


This Week’s guest – Nancy Parker and the Shell Essences

Nancy Parker - The Shell Essences

Hello there

 Shell Essences are vibrational remedies created from a memory imprint held within the calcium carbonate bodies of some specific sea shells. Although we believe we live within the constraints of our 3-dimensional physical bodies, Shell Essences bring vibrational, spiritual information which is read by our cellular memories to create more permanent balance, wisdom and wellbeing on a ‘deeper’ level


Shell Essences was started by Nancy Parker in 1991. From childhood Nancy had re-occurring dreams in which she walked along beaches collecting shells. What these shells were for was always a mystery until she left a career in occupational therapy to practice natural therapies and learned about vibrational flower remedies. She knew immediately that she must create essences from shells.


There are now 50 Shell Essences and 16 Coral Essences which are used by natural therapists throughout Australia and distributed overseas, as well as Essence Blends and Mists suitable for everyone. Shell Essence training workshops are taught in most Australian States, and in 2008 Nancy published her first book ‘Messages from Shells’ relating her story, information about the essences, and the wonderful stories from those who have used the Essences to empower their lives.


The mission of Shell Essences is to help us all achieve an internal sense of harmony, peace and creative life direction, to awaken our own intrinsic self-healing and wisdom and contribute to the creation of higher consciousness on the planet.

As a vibrational healing practitioner I have used essences a lot and found the Shell Essences some of the most profound healing supporters on the planet. 

It gives me great pleasure to speak with my guest Nancy Parker this week – why not join me?


Exciting News From Guy Finley!

Latest Book from Guy FinleyHello there

Over the last two weeks we have been listening to the wisdom of Tim Weichmann from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation.

On Tuesday, October 4th, Guy Finley’s newest book,

The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred: Journey to the Greatness Within

     will be released worldwide on Amazon!

     You can find out more at

I’m looking forward to a good read when the book is released on October 4, 2011.

Until next time



Taking the millon year leap in consciousness – Part 2 with Tim Weichmann from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation

Hello Everyone


Well hold on to your seats for Part 2 of my interview with Tim Weichmann from Guy Finley’s Life of Learning Foundation!

Here are some of the links and gifts on offer this week:

Free Starter Kit (excellent free resource for listeners)
Extensive collection of free articles, FAQs, audio, and videos:
The Timeless Mind product we discussed:


Enjoy my friends – there is a wealth of knowledge on these links.


See you on Monday at 5pm (PST) at Part 2 with Tim Weichmann!


Until then