Hello Listeners

Annie Meredith

I am so happy to be introducing you to the lovely and wise Annie Meredith at the Creative Soul Cafe.

Annie has been teaching and practicing at the cutting-edge of Mind-Body Medicine for 26 years.

Loved for her entertaining, compelling and humorous style of lecturing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Flower Essence therapy and Vibrational Medicine at the Australian College of Natural Medicine from 1983 to 2009, Annie is well-loved and acknowledged as an inspiration in the understanding of the new Body-Mind paradigm.

She also facilitated hundreds of Flower Essence workshops for over 12 years both in Australia and internationally.

She wrote a Flower Essence Correspondence Course that is in use by students from all over the world.

Both past and present students affectionately know her as ‘The Flower Essence Queen’.

Her first book The Essence of Woman, calls on women to get in touch with their innate feminine core to access the inherent strength and power inscripted into their biological design.

Her Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essence range has been developed to assist women in this necessary ‘reclamation’ process and to support them as they re-embrace their inherent feminine intelligence.

In the busy lives we are living Annie’s wisdom and tools make all the difference. Please join my this week on Creative Soul Cafe.