Hello listeners

This week I took you on a guided visualisation and meditation.

It creates a lovely space to expand our consciousness and feels so good, doesn’ t it?

When we ‘come back’ into the present moment  from this expanded space we have been in it can be hard to feel grounded.

This is partly because we have expanded and partly our reluctance to be where we are!

The problem is if we don’t ground ourselves back into the present now, we can’t function properly and that impacts on our ability to create the life we love.

It’s a bit like when we expand through meditation we are a flying bird and then when we return we are a flightless bird!

Yes you still want the expansion and the bigger view of yourself but if you keep your wings out on the ground they become a hazard rather than a help!

So how do we ‘bring all our bits’ together?

It’s as easy as this:

Place your hand on the top of your head or crown and say:

Ground, Align, Connect, Protect, Seal,  Energise.


If you can say the words aloud.

Once you have them locked into your self care tool kit these  six words can be used at any time you feel out of sorts or out of alignment with the present moment.

I use them all the time to keep me present.

If that happens to be in my home I will use the physical action of hand on head, but if I am in public I will simply, breathe in and out, say them in my mind and then do another big breath.

It is amazing how it clears you and makes your next moment one of choice and clarity again rather than feeling unaligned and muddy.

Try it and see – and post on the blog here to let me know your results!

Be expansive AND present – great creations come from this space.

Until next time,