Hello Listeners
I am very pleased to introduce you to the creator of Spirale  Colour Therapy —  Pascale Osanz. We will talk a lot more about the therapy on the show and in particular how this system can help us on our journey, but for today I thought you might like to read all about Pascale’s story… in her own words … it makes fascinating reading.
I moved to Australia when I was 24 with a 2 years contract as an exchange teacher but managed to do only one year as I met a French man in a tram in Melbourne who offered me a job as radio announcer for Radio Australia in the French service (yes there is luck sometimes) so 35 years later, I’m still here.
I have been asked many times over the years to be the Godmother of the French expedition in Kerguelen Island and Adelie Land.
Eventually in 1978, I went to Antarctica to meet my “godsons” 60 of them and that’s where I met my husband Jean who was there for 14 months.
We settled in Australia. Jean found a job as an engineer in Melbourne and we lived in the Dandenong ranges moving from one hill to the others over the years (3 times)

Our first boy was born in September 1981. We called him Jean-Noel which was a serious mistake as nobody could pronounce his name properly so later on he called himself Frenchy.

Our second son Antoine was born in May 1983 and he called himself Ant1 in order to have the right pronunciation of his name.

I worked for the ABC over 10 years and it’s during that time that I discovered colour therapy in reading a book about it. I got caught immediately by it, it was like a deep remembering from the past and I felt an urgency to start. I became a colour therapist with another company and felt very quickly the limitations of their technique.

Radio Australia French service closed down, due to financial restrictions and I became a radio announcer with SBS Radio. I was more and more incline to become a full time colour therapist and only stayed at SBS as a casual.
During a 21st birthday party I met a representative from Penguin publications who became very
interested in this colour system and asked me to write a book about it.
As I was very unsure of my English, I asked a friend, Julie Gunstone to give me a hand in writing it and it took us 2 years to write it.

In 2001, when the twin towers collapsed, I had the clear vision to also break away from the colour organization I belonged to and Spirale was born that year.

On the 2nd June 2003, our son Jean-Noel was in a car accident and was crushed by a truck and died on the spot.
 I didn’t feel like doing anything any longer. Grieving is a very long process.
Victoria became too cold for me so we moved to the warmer climate of Central Coast Queensland.
We have a hobby farm on 40 acres, I feel more and more the energy of nature spirits around me, I love the contact with my animals.
The spirit of the land is called Elsie, or LC maybe and I feel blessed to be here. 
Spirale is developing nicely; it is still an emerging therapy and changing.
 Our son Ant1 stayed in Melbourne and is getting married in 2011.
Life is good again, every day I wake up and feel gratitude for my life.
I am looking forward to chatting with you more on Melody’s show. See you then!
Me too Pascale!
I am sure the listeners will love what you have to say.
Until then
Smiles and Colour to all

Pascale Osanz