Michele Chevalley Hedge

Hello Listeners

Nothing like being the week before Christmas to talk about nutrition and the benefits of nutrition on the path to living the life you love!

Of course it is important to enjoy all that Christmas and New Year has to offer but if we over do it we suffer for weeks to come.

I am so pleased to be introducing you to Michele Chevalley Hedge who is a nutritionist, author and Cleanser! 

Michele’s Sydney based practice, A Healthy View, has patients  from all over the world. 

Patients  visit her in her rooms in Sydney and with the current modern world also visit her via Skype from across the world! 

Many clients come to learn how to feed themselves, others come because they have a diseased state and want to use food and nutrients to support themselves, and others come for prevention from today’s illnesses. 

Many of her patients attend her Cleanse & Nourish Retreats which are  held in various locations around the world.  

The Cleanse & Nourish Retreats are whole food cleanse retreats which allows the body to rid itself of toxins but not in a harsh manner but in a sustainable way that  can be incorporated into your own home and lifestyle.

“When you are on a Cleanse Retreat, you cannot help but to cleanse physically the toxins and debris you have been eating as well as lots of emotional build up can be purged along the way.  Because our Cleanses are whole foods based  and not severe or extreme …. this allows our bodies to rest…. this rest allows for spaciousness… this spaciousness allows for reflection and growth.  It has a wonderful flow on effect….”

Hmmm… spaciousness, alignment – seems like the perfect nurturing place to create the life you love, don’t you think?

Looking forward to interviewing Michele and learning from her wisdom – I hope you will join us.

Bless-sings and joyfulness

Ho! Ho! Ho!