Hello Listeners

I do hope you will join me as I begin a 2 -part workshop entitled:

ENTERing the Portal- 2011

 Creating the life we love from our hearts.

This free workshop will take you on a pathway of steps to resolve and give gratitude for all that has been part of 2010 so that you are free to Enter the portal of 2011.

It is a powerful process when we enter through a new doorway and this is what we will be doing over these 2 hours and weeks.

To be prepared for the journey please bring with you

a journal

coloured pencils or textas

Paper to create some tools with

And your vision board for 2011.

I will be talking about different forms of vision boards and you may want to look at choosing something different from what you would normally develop.

When we try something new we open up frontiers in ourselves that we didn’t know existed.

I hope you feel excited enough to come on this journey with me so you may start from the perfect pespective for your dreams to emerge in this year’s reality.

The workbook  – ENTERing the Portal- 2011 – Creating the life we love from our hearts is available for download by emailing me at the email address below. It will be available free until January 30, 2011. 

If you have any questions please email me at: –


I welcome your questions and will get back to as soon as I can.

Looking forward to having you with me…