Laura Hollick - Rainbowbird

Hello Listeners

This week I am so delighted to interview  LAURA HOLLICK of Soul Art Studio.

Laura Hollick is one of the emerging creative thinkers in the Human Potential movement that is sweeping our planet. She is redefining art as a way of living and inspiring people around the world to create their lives as a work of art.

Selected from across Canada, BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laura’s life and work, called ‘The Artist’s Life’. She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows and published over 200 articles on creativity and living a lifestyle that expresses the creative spirit.

As a child Laura spent much of her time alone in the forest imagining magical worlds. These early connections with nature continue to influence who she is today. A huge part of Laura’s creative process involves daily hikes in nature where she convenes with her spirit.

Being a deep thinker from early on prompted a passionate journey of self discovery that made her wise from a very young age. In 1999 Laura founded SOUL ART studio where she started teaching others how they could connect with their creative spirit and design a life that expressed it. She was nominated for ‘Woman of Distinction in the Arts & Creative Energy’ for this work.

Laura continues to mentor women from around the world on how they can create their lives as an expression of their soul. Prior to unifying all of her creative talents into one notion she calls SOUL ART Laura worked as a dancer and co-founded an expressive dance company called ‘EcstasyLoves Company’. The greatest impact this time had on Laura’s life was the connection she made between the body, and spirit. During this time Laura developed a technique called ‘Body Mapping’ where she unraveled the stories living within the body. This process has become a deep healing tool for women with body issues, fears of sexualityand feelings of disconnection from oneself. Laura’s personal body mapping is captured in a series of pieces she calls ‘The Mythology of the Inner World’.

To accompany Laura’s creative pursuits, she has been certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and DNA Re-Programming, as well as doing courses in Core Belief Engineering. Her extensive trainings serve to deepen her own creative process as well as all the women she guides.

 Laura’s personal art is a reflection of her unique creative spirit. She often combines elements of nature and transforms them into imaginary worlds that seduce us to deepen our awareness and lead us home to spirit. Laura’s work is an inspirational feast for the soul.

In 2008 Laura was nominated for ‘Artist of the Year’ and in 2009 Laura was voted ‘Best Female Artist’ by View Magazine.

At the heart of all of Laura’s work is a deep desire to connect with spirit and connect spirit with the world, to grow spirit on earth. She says “My life is my soul’s art. I am here to create my masterpiece~myself.”

I am so looking forward to hearing from Laura Hollick  – aren’t you?