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Veronica Drake

Today I have a treat for you!

I am chatting with Veronica Drake  or Ronnie as clients know her, is an international spiritual advisor, speaker, and an intuitive.   As an Intuitive, Ronnie supports women to live their lives on Purpose by connecting them to their Divine Inspiration. Using her tools she empowers women to live their lives by DESIGN not by DEFAULT. 

 Her style is intuitive, inquisitive, and informal. Ronnie loves to laugh, and finds humor to be a great tool in releasing our authentic selves. Curiosity is second nature to her and she finds it brings an ease and comfort to the Self-Development relationship.

Visit her at http://www.veronicadrake.net

Her credentials include

  • Coach training at the International Coaching Academy
  • Active Member of the International Coaching Federation,
  • Certified Practitioner in the Law of Attraction,
  • Certified in Mastering Life’s Energies, 
  • Alumni of The Holistic Learning Center. She is also the author of the book Thoughts, Food, Whine & Bubble Wrap.. A woman’s journey to self acceptance.

Thoughts, Food, Wine & Bubble Wrap –

a book by Veronica Drake

We are always postponing until we weigh a certain amount, have the perfect relationships, career, hair, clothes, car, and so on. She says live now. And, the way to have the life that “fits” you now is to think yourself into it. She is living proof that your everyday thoughts create your life. Move past obstacles and live life with purpose and passion.

This book is for every woman who has ever opened a pair of pantyhose and thought no way will these ever go on this body. Whether you were buying your panty hose in an egg or from Victoria-who-has-a-secret-and-refuses-to-share-it-with-any-of-us, this book is for you. It is age appropriate for all who seek to embrace themselves and be happy.


Hope you can join me – it’s going to be a great show!