Hello Everyone

Well what an interesting show and I hope you take full advantage of Niki’s offer this week.

Her offer is:-

a free 30 minute Body Image Coaching session via telephone to everyone who signs up for her free weekly Piece Talks  messages. 

You can go to Miki’s  website www.lovethewayyoulook.com  and click on Piece Talks, or

the direct link to sign up: http://www.lovethewayyoulook.com/piecetalks.html  

Niki  will be contacting you to set up a time for the session. 

(And it doesn’t matter what country or where they are, with the wonderful technology we have, you will be able to connect with her.)

During the session, Niki will focus on a specific challenge you have related to your body and talk about ways to make improvements. 

If there are no challenges, then she will talk about ways to bring even more joy to your experience of life and self-image

So what  is PIECE TALKS?

Piece Talks™ is a brief weekly e-mail geared toward helping you connect more fully with your body, make peace with some of the parts or “pieces” you may not like about yourself, and become more accepting of others and their appearance. 

As Niki would say – If you want to love the way you look then its time to start looking with love!

Wishing you the joy of enjoying your body and seeing yourself as beautiful just as you are.