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Melissa Cooper

Well I can’t wait to get personal with the lovely Melissa Cooper from The Art of Intimacy!

As we get close to Valentine’s Day it seems like an  appropriate time to talk about relationships.

Melissa Cooper’s goal is to share positive information with respect to all aspects of love, sex and relationships. To enrich, inspire and empower you to have a brilliant life.  The aim is to offer ground breaking programs to the community both personally and professionally, that exemplify the value of love in our day to day lives and the importance of intimacy as the cornerstone to all that you want to create for yourselves and your family.

Melissa’s experience as a Master Coach, Specialising in Intimacy, Relationships and Sex, engaging thousands of couples and singles throughout the world, reconnecting with themselves through creating the life they truly want.

With over 20 years experience, researching and exploring what men and women want, Melissa has developed a series of new and innovative programs, products and specialised coaching to help you reach your goals.  The Art of Intimacy is an outstanding company, becoming a finalist for several awards in 2009 – Business Achiever Awards for Community & Other Education including Wellbeing Therapies and Services and The Central Coast Women in Business.

Melissa is also an internationally published author, a motivational speaker who is regularly booked at seminars and conferences in Australia.  Melissa writes for national and international publications, and is always invited to be a guest on radio. She motivates you and inspires you to have a new attitude about the relationships you share and is dynamic and funny as she delivers her workshops on sex, love and the many life experiences we face in the 21st Century, with respect to every relationship we share, including the one we have with ourselves.  Melissa will introduce you to new concepts and ideas on the way we can engage ourselves in love and sex daily.

To learn more about The Art of Intimacy and improving your personal relationships be sure to sign up for Melissa’s Ezine at www.theartofintimacy.com.au which will provide you with valuable advice, tips and excitement to inspire you to live your life to your full potential!

Why not join me and find out what Melissa suggests makes for an intimate and fulfilling relationship?