Soul Talk by Melody R Green

Hello there

The angels are our helpers and messengers from the non physical planes and their messages come to us in many ways.

My book   ‘Soul Talk’ was written to share my wisdom with my son and designed to help him if he got stuck, didn’t know what to do and found he could not talk to me about what was troubling him.

I shared my first draft with others and they asked me 

 But where is my book?

What would you say to me as your friend?


And so ‘Soul Talk’  became a book of three parts.

  • Soul to Self
  •  Mother to Son and
  • Daughter to Mother

The exercise I shared on the show this week is about re-framing success and failure. We can so easily become stuck and unwilling to try new things because of our perception of failure and so I include the exercise here.

Self -Judgement

Judgement of others begins with our selves.

 How generous are you with you?

 How often do you judge and pronounce judgement on yourself, without the real facts or the real understanding of the situation?

 How often do you pre-judge yourself thereby blocking and limiting yourself from trying anything that is different or challenging?

 Can you see it is fear of a situation that may no longer be true?

It may have belonged to another you from another time with a different life experience from the one you have now. I am not referring to past lives here, I am referring to the beliefs that you may have had as a teenager, a child or an adult from another time and that you are still using to protect yourself even though you don’t need to.Think about how generous we are when a child learns something new – especially a baby. How delighted we are at their efforts, how patient we are with their ‘failures’.

How come we are so destructive, unforgiving and judgemental with us?

 When did ‘yes you can’ become ‘no don’t even try that!’?


We waste so much of our lives in judgement of ourselves it surprises me how much we actually achieve!

From this moment decide that you can – stop the self-judgement.You can see yourself as a constantly evolving learning hue-man being and that each experience is new and will require you to learn how to do something anew.

 From this moment let go of all your failures and the reminders you keep of them.


1) Put your papers, unfinished creative projects, divorce papers and anything else that makes you feel a failure into a box and put it in the cellar.

2) Mark the box with today’s date.

3) Start a new and empty box. Cover this box with lovely paper, encouraging words and things that make you feel happy. Make the box as beautiful as you can. This is your ‘success box’ Date the box and leave it somewhere in your bedroom or living room so that you can fill it will all your successes for the year. Keep a note book that you can write these successes down in – fill it our weekly. You can include the clothes that are too large for you now because you lost the weight you wanted to, or the ribbon you won for coming 25,434 in the marathon or fun run or anything else that represents a success to you. When the year is over place it on the success shelf in your cellar or attic.

4) On the anniversary of the date you created your ‘failure’ box – pull it out and go through all the things in the box. On a clean piece of paper review what you feel about the things in the box. Do they still feel like failures? Is there anything that has moved from the ‘failure’ box to a feeling of competency or understanding? if so move to a separate pile. Leave the other things in your box.

5) Start a new box for the following year. Do not cover the box – just date it.

 6) Now look at your success box. Does the number of articles in this box outweigh the ‘failure box’? Go through and enjoy all of your successes for a grand tour of your last year. Now add the pile that doesn’t feel so bad to this box.

7) Make a new success box again covered in beautiful paper and made special.

8) Continue to follow this procedure and then after a few years review the whole process.

This is what I have found.

  • It took me 4 years to realise that all my ‘failure boxes’ were empty!
  •  That I had in time transformed my failures into successes because I had understood them better.
  • I was not judging myself as much.
  • I was accepting and allowing me to fail and learn.
  • If I had learned from an experience I did not class it as a failure only as a space where I had learned something.
  •   Finally, I am still able to go to my success boxes and enjoy the mementos of my success.
  • It makes me realise how successful and creative I am even if I am not famous or recognised by anyone else for my successes.


This is what I wish for you – a glorious letting go of self judgement and the extraordinary feeling of self acceptance.

With many bless-sings



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