Victoria Ugarte from Postcards From Millie

Hello there

This week we are going travelling with Victoria Ugarte from ‘Postcards From Millie’

Victoria Ugarte is the Founder and Director of Postcards From Millie, a travel website that speaks primarily to women. She is based in Sydney, Australia.

Born in Manila, Philippines, to parents of Spanish heritage, she received a very unique Spanish-Filipino upbringing. She was bitten by the travel bug at just eight years of age when she travelled to Madrid, with her parents, and where she lived for a short time.

Later in her life, fashion and travel became synonymous with her career. A member of the Australian “ragtrade” for over 25 years, Victoria flew all over Australia and the world for business, dipping into wonderful and exotic places, as well as more traditional destinations.

Ever inspired by the courage of mind and spirit of her muse, Amelia “Millie” Earhart, Victoria spends 3 months out of every year traveling the world and writing about her adventures on her website, keeping her readers posted on exciting destinations, itineraries, travel tips and resources, and challenging women to go beyond their current boundaries so that they may come home to themselves.

I’m looking forward to Victoria sharing her adventures with us, aren’t you?