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 Just letting you know that I am speaking with Marna Thall on my show, Creative Soul Cafe this week as we discuss weight loss and living as a thin person.

You can catch the interview live on Monday February 28, 2011.

Weight loss coach and emotional eating expert, Marna Thall coaches that two things must occur for you to see enjoy permanent weight loss: 

1. You must address the emotional reasons why you are overeating.
2. You must learn and implement naturally thin practices. 

If you eat for reasons other then hunger, there’s some emotional wounding going on inside of you that needs to be addressed. These wounds must be dealt with in order for you to enjoy long-lasting weight loss in a fast and permanent fashion. When you begin to heal your emotions coupled with learning powerful naturally thin behaviors, you stop overeating, emotional eating ends, and weight loss begins to take shape. 

Marna is the author of Naturally Thin Secrets, and the ever popular 30-Day Blaster Challenge. She is passionate about helping you get to the source of your weight gain issues using her Core Body Breakthrough Coaching system

I am so looking forward to speaking with her and asking all those juicy questions!

Why not join me for a very special show….