Stuart Baldwin

Hello Everyone

I am very pleased to be introducing you this week to Stuart Baldwin from Get What You Want.

Stuart works with public and corporate organisations as a speaker, trainer and consultant to develop leadership, culture and engagement to help people perform at their best and reach their goals.

In doing this work he realised the same things that enable people to do incredible things at work can help people to ‘get what they want’ in their life… and this, started to seemed significantly more important to him.

So he started looking for ways he could connect these ideas and practical tools with as many people as possible, all over the world.

One step was to build the website and this has become his altruistic mission and one of the things that brings him the most happiness in life.

Come and listen this week to Stuart Baldwin and he will share with your why this is important to him and how his vision can help you ‘Get What You Want!’

Happy Listening…