Jennifer Hofmann

Hello Everyone

This week we welcome Jennifer Hofmann from Inspired Home Office.

Jennifer Hofmann was not born organized. In fact, having ADD and a hummingbird personality meant she was surrounded by the clutter of projects she never finished and she struggled to keep up with everyday tasks.

Using a few simple practices, Jennifer transformed her life and workspace.

The clutter went away and she could stay focused on tasks to completion.

In 2007, Jennifer launched Inspired Home Office to teach other creative, cluttered people how to do the same.

If you’ve tried to get organized in the past and failed, there’s hope.

While some organizers will try to fix you, Jennifer helps you uncover the fascinating habits of your own brain. Together you develop customized solutions that help your creative work thrive.

Because Jennifer truly understands what it’s like to struggle with clutter, her clients love the deep compassion she brings to her classes and coaching. For the Inspired Home Office blog, newsletter and great resources at

I am looking forward to understanding more about how to handle my clutter – how about you?