Kate Mathers - The Magic of Allowing

Hello Everyone

This week we talk to the lovely Kate Mathers from the Magic of Allowing about the art of mindfullness.

Kate’s Mathers from The Magic Of Allowing is passionate about teaching the fundamental universal truth here on earth that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience”.

Kate was born and educated in the UK and as part of her journey in consciousness she received her academic qualifications in English Literature. A successful career as a magazine journalist in London followed and then Kate, her husband and family moved to Singapore.

While living in Singapore in the 90s, Kate trained in facilitating experiential courses in meditation and also completed a Diploma in Transpersonal Studies. Kate continued her studies and became a qualified Reiki Master, and Energetic Healing practitioner in Sydney.

Since living in Sydney, Kate has created and taught in-depth courses on Mindfulness Meditation with many different groups including women’s groups, in schools, and by private consultation at www.magicofallowing.com

I hope you will join me and Kate for a lovely show this week.