Tara Marina - The Power of Sensuality

Hello there my lovelies!


This week we are going into our feminine power and finding out how sensuality will help get us there!
Tara Marino – creator of the FemmeTypes tm and The Power of Sensuality tm program knows how to live a sensual life.  She’s a mix of east coast sensibility – west coast golden girl – ballerina and international business professional.
Tara has created a system that has allowed her to move her family to France by helping hundreds of women ignite a special power to be able to achieve their own success with prosperity, balance and pleasure. Tara’s passion for empowering women comes not only from her diverse background, but from the heart-breaking experience of losing her first son, when Tara was only 25. Instead of asking “Why me,” Tara asked herself “How?”  How to CHOOSE the impact of this experience on her life? 
It’s through the answers to these questions that she’s crafted a life that includes creating a multiple 6 figure business and now lives in the French Alps with her husband and two boys.  She is running her business and her life, on her terms and invites women all over the world to do the same.

Let’s take a tour through the French Alps and see just how Tara uses the Power of Sensuality to create the life of her dreams!