Dr. David Che - Total Law of Attraction

Hello everyone

I am really looking forward to speaking with Dr David Che and really finding out the nuances of  attracting the life of our dreams using the law of attraction – how about you?

Dr. David Che has had a passion for metaphysical concepts since childhood, and carried this passion with him through high school and university. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, he moved to Florida, pass the board exams, and began to build his ex¬perience, eventually culminating in the purchase of his own dental practice in Cocoa Beach, FL. In 2006, a viewing of

The Secret reawakened his long-held passion for the law of attraction. After reading numerous books and engaging in his own personal quest for clarity, Dr. Che found that there was not one book on the market which succinctly, completely, and accurately provided all of the pieces to effectively using the law of attraction.

Dr. Che saw that there was a strong need for this powerful and practical information to be collected, clarified, and shared. From this mission, his book – Total Law of Attraction was born.

Today, Dr. Che’s greatest desire to is to give people practical information that teaches them how to harness their secret inner power to improve their lives.

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