Daniel Prokop

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This week my guest is Daniel Prokop talking about his book

‘Leaving Neverland’ (Why Little Boys Shouldn’t Run Big Corporations)’

Here is the promo for  the book:

Peter Pan launches Neverland 2.0 (future of human race now in doubt)

Summary: Childhood, once just a fleeting life stage is now available as a permanent lifestyle choice but at what cost? 

In a desperate attempt to stay young forever we have achieved eternal childishness rather than eternal youth.”  This book weighs the costs, delightfully skewers perpetual boys and offers a timely solution. Contemporary Rites of Passage offer us a way out of Neverland.

“The style, pace and delightful skewering are reminiscent of Hunter S. Thompson.” Rex Finch, Finch Publishing.

Daniel is a lso a KEYNOTE SPEAKER  and offers the following thought provoking topics

“Growing Up – the often missing ingredient in Emotional Intelligence”

 “Emotional Stupidity for Fun and Profit”

 “Getting Forked into Growing Up,” and “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Bullying” 

 “Growing Up Teenagers” is a talk that Daniel has delivered to parents at schools across Australia and NZ.

As  MASTER OF CEREMONIES Daniel is highly bi-podal i.e. he has been on the organising and participating side of the podium as often as he has been behind the microphone. As National Advertising and Promotions Manager for Shell, Daniel organised and spoke at many international product launches, trade shows and high profile sporting events. He is an MC that is likeable, respectful, professional and very funny. 

Daniel is an award winning stand up comic and he created and hosted community radio station BayFM99.9’s very popular “Not the Comedy Show” for three years. He has shared the microphone with Arj Barker, Jimeoin, Max Gillies, Akmal, Tommy Dean, Denise Scott, William McInnes, Tom Gleeson, John Doyle, The Chasers and many others. But wait there’s more… Daniel migrated to Australia with his family from the USA when he was 12 (he is accent free but maintains an addiction to Reese’s Peanut Butter cups). He put himself through University and has been a labourer at the Port Kembla Steelworks. He’s made pizzas, cleaned pub toilets, worked on a turkey farm, picked kiwi fruit, washed dishes, driven an overhead crane and even worked at McDonalds. Personal development: been there, still doing that. After a high achieving 13 year career with Shell, Daniel left and ran his own successful small business that employed 12 staff for 9 years and worked for a harm prevention charity for 2 1/2 years. Daniel is a devoted father of two children and a husband and they all live together which is a bit nuclear. He is passionate about Rites of Passage and is a senior Pathways to Manhood program leader.

I know you will enjoy the journey and wisdom Daniel will share with us – please, join me!