Vicky White - Inner Feng Shui Coach

Hello Everyone
I am so looking forward to introducing you to my guest this week – Vicky White.

Vicky White, “The Inner Feng Shui Coach”, mentors women in midlife to create extraordinary lives of passion, purpose and adventure.Vicky is an award winning photographer, a writer, explorer and creator.  She’s lived in many different countries and explored many different kinds of work.

As a Coach she’s found a way to live her passions and to keep on evolving and re-creating her life. Known for her ability to inspire women to claim their greatness, She shares powerful tools to help women step into their feminine power, and align who they are be-ing with their deepest desires and purpose.
Vicky offers teleclasses, coaching programs, in-person retreats and other resources to support the flourishing of brilliance and possibility.
She’s passionate about supporting women to discover their unique gifts and the difference they are here to make because not only is the missing piece for many women in midlife, but also for the planet to evolve we need to bring forth feminine qualities to balance the masculine ones we’ve been living with.
Vicky is a New Zealander and lives on a float home in Vancouver, Canada.  With a passion for travel and staying warm, she spends Canadian winters in New Zealand, where she offers retreats and runs her business from beautiful locations.

Come join Vicky and I at Creative Soul Cafe!