Melody R. Green - Angel Intuitive

Melody Green is an Angel Intuitive. Her relationship with the angels began in 1992 when she started reading the tarot cards professionally for clients. She found the angels extremely helpful when she moved into Colour Therapy with Aura-Soma in 1994 and asked the angels to assist with every healing she undertook.

In 1997 Melody was visited by the Peace Angels and they have been part of her life ever since. Through their guidance Melody has created the Angel Signatures and many workshops and books as well as this radio show.  The Peace Angels recently  asked her to start making the show “LIVE” so they could get their personal messages to the listeners.

” The Angels have asked that I open the show live one day per month to enable you to be the beneficiaries of the angelic realms guidance.”

This guidance is not a psychic reading.

It is a direct line of assistance from the Angelic Realm to you –

to answer your most pressing worry NOW

and to give you the confidence to take the next step.


 Messages with the Angels  – CALL IN to get advice from the Angels!  

 First Monday of Every Month – 5PM PST/ 8PM EST/10:00 AM Tues (Australia)

How do you get there?

1) Go to my host page:

2) Click on Talk Live Image to ask a question through the computer and access chat room.

Or Call through the phone lines at   (724) 444-7444 – Call ID: 92758, Pin No. 1#


The Peace Angels and I are waiting for your call… we want to assist you…

With loving bless-sings