Hello everyone,

Simone Matthews

I am delighted to be interviewing Simone Matthews this week because Simone is going to decipher this month’s Mayan calendar and explain what is happening to us during the shift!

Simone M. Matthews is an international speaker, spiritual teacher and a visionary pioneer of a global shift in consciousness. As founder of Universal Life Tools.com and creator of The Wave of Love – The Movie, Simone is facilitating a global awakening of people to the infinite power of their Heart & Soul.

Author of Crystal Light Healing™ & Essence of Angels® vibrational healing modalities, Simone embraces ancient traditional healing in a contemporary setting and travels the globe facilitating her weekend workshops, and Practitioner & Teacher courses in these healing modalities.

Later this year Simone is launching her first book on ‘Awakening’ and in 2012 will be embarking on a book tour around Australia, Canada and the US.  

Simone resides with her partner, two children and puppy in Noosa, Queensland, Australia.


Please come – I think you’ll love it!