Gary Spinell

Hello Everyone

This week my guest is Gary Spinell author of It was YOU all along.

He has spent over 25 years researching and examining why some people achieve success consistently.

He found that most people have heard of the Law of Attraction, yet have difficulty incorporating the concepts fully into their lives. They put the process in motion, and discover that relationships, marriage, career, and family goals are very complex.

Gary’s approach goes where other books leave off, in the details and nuances of attracting success and happiness. Gary’s book goes several steps beyond the Law of Attraction with a unique and perfect blend of practical and spiritual information, thereby providing the reader with easy to understand step-by-step approaches to success.

Gary has experienced life similar to many others including being laid off 3 times and a divorce and has put all of the concepts detailed in his book into practice with significant results.

In addition to being a writer and speaker, he has experienced considerable success in his business career as Vice President at Blockbuster; Vice President & Treasurer at and Expedia and Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration at Mannatech, Inc. where his responsibilities have included Finance, Treasury, Public Relations, Human Resources, Budgeting & Planning and Investor Relations.

 This week he is on the Creative Soul Cafe Radio Show to discuss his book

“It was YOU all along”

and discuss some of the myths surrounding the law of attraction.

Why not join me and find out more about the nuances of creating with the Law of Attraction?

Until then