Kathryn Orford

Hello there

My guest this week is Kathryn Orford – the Confidence Coach! Creating the life of your dreams depends on self worth, self esteem and self confidence and we will be discussing how to strengthen these attributes this week.

Kathryn Orford is a motivational Speaker, Author, Peak Performance Coach and Trainer.

Over the past 30 years Kathryn has empowered thousands of people to believe in their innate ability to realise their goals. She knows how others feel and therefore understands how to assist others to re-inflate those balloons and to achieve beyond their expectations.

Kathryn is a leading authority on how to build self esteem, self belief and confidence. She learnt the theory from some of the world’s leading experts in human behaviour and continues to research the latest views from around the globe.

Nothing warms Kathryn’s heart more than watching clients produce results they never thought achievable.

Please join Kathryn Orford and myself as we explore this important topic.


Until then