Hello Everyone

The Angels are forgoing their monthly Messages from the Angels to present you with this information from AnDaRa She’kina – Alicia Mary Smith

Bringing together many methods of vibrational healing, diverse energy work and authentic experience, Alicia May Smith also known as Andara She’kina is known as an Energy Alchemist! Always ‘in alignment with the Divine and in service to the highest good of all’, she is able to call upon many unique methods, to assist individuals, families, communities and Mother Earth to gracefully move through these times of enormous transformation, to awaken the potential of Love and bring the Dream of Peace and Harmony into Reality. She encourages everyone to ‘Be Your True Authentic Self and Re-member Who You are Born to Be in this World of Wonders!

 As an Energy Alchemist, Writer, Teacher and Healer, who has weaved across Mother Earth for almost 30 years, teaching and guiding thousands of people on Journeys to Inspire, gaining an insight into what we all share and need to feel connected as unique individuals and as a part of the whole, as the Joy of One-Us! She has a particular interest in, and awareness of, the energies of Ancient Sacred Sites, original Native People and the Re-Birthing of our Planet – Lady Gaia!


Looking forward to sharing our conversation with you,




PS – have tride to add a photo of Alicia but WordPress are doing upgrades – please go to Alicia’s website for a sneak peak!!