Hello everyone

I was delighted to come across the work of Monique MacDonald recently of Your Sacred Gifts.

Monique offers an opportunity to find out what really motivates us and puts us on purpose in our lives from the place of our sacred centre and I would recommend this work to anyone who is looking for more joy and purpose in their lives.

Monique is currently offering her workshop and I have included the details here for you to peruse or say “YES!” to if it’s for you.

On October 1st-2nd you could be spending 2 very powerful days
at the event called,


(Getting back your life by applying the one secret most people will never ever know)

Make the wise decision to attend. You will NOT regret it. I promise.
It could be one of the most powerful steps you take in your journey of discovering who you really are and how to live a life that is energizing, fulfilling and inspiring to you. You could have a huge breakthrough like Christine and Chad did:
“I have never come across such a powerful process for honing my true gifts and purpose. It’s brilliant, fun, and I’m still reaping the benefits…” 
– Christine Awram Creator of Women of Worth – www.thewowevent.com

“This program provides a spiritual shift with VERY practical results.” ~ Dinny Lansdowne of InspiredMentors.com ~ Business Strategist

“Never has a program had such an immediate, powerful and clear impact on my life’s direction and my purpose.” ~ Chad Weir
Here’s a few of the things that Christine and Chad found out.
You can have a huge Sacred Gift hidden inside of you, and you unconsciously keep it there because it seems almost in contrast to your personality or “out of character” for you.
You can have a huge Sacred Gift hidden inside of you waiting to come out and you keep pushing it back and pushing it back and trying to ignore it because you don’t think you’re qualified to do what you are feeling pulled in the direction of doing.
You could be sitting on a gold mine and you’re struggling to make money because you can’t believe you could make money doing something that is energizing, inspiring, fun and profitable for you.
These don’t even scratch the surface of what you’re going to find out about yourself.
FACT #1- Life is way more of a struggle when you don’t know your gifts.
FACT #2- Just because you might know one of your gifts doesn’t mean you are using it.
FACT #3- You don’t have 1 gift.. you have several and you likely don’t even realize what they are, what they are for and how to activate them.
The bottom line is this.  Most people don’t know this information and as a result they are stressed, tired, uninspired, bored, hate their job or business and have no idea what to do next.
If this is you I want to help you out of this place and into a life that you love. If this is someone you know… pass this along to them or come out and get the tools that you need to help them out of that awful place they’re in.
Here is the information for the event:

Date : Oct 1-2 2011
Location : The Executive Inn on Lougheed Hwy in Burnaby, BC

The information I share with you will knock your socks off – and help you
get back your life and reclaim your happiness… I promise.
To register go to: www.yoursacredgifts.com

I look forward to seeing you there. I look forward to watching you “get it”.
And I look forward to you having fun in the process.


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