Nancy Parker - The Shell Essences

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 Shell Essences are vibrational remedies created from a memory imprint held within the calcium carbonate bodies of some specific sea shells. Although we believe we live within the constraints of our 3-dimensional physical bodies, Shell Essences bring vibrational, spiritual information which is read by our cellular memories to create more permanent balance, wisdom and wellbeing on a ‘deeper’ level


Shell Essences was started by Nancy Parker in 1991. From childhood Nancy had re-occurring dreams in which she walked along beaches collecting shells. What these shells were for was always a mystery until she left a career in occupational therapy to practice natural therapies and learned about vibrational flower remedies. She knew immediately that she must create essences from shells.


There are now 50 Shell Essences and 16 Coral Essences which are used by natural therapists throughout Australia and distributed overseas, as well as Essence Blends and Mists suitable for everyone. Shell Essence training workshops are taught in most Australian States, and in 2008 Nancy published her first book ‘Messages from Shells’ relating her story, information about the essences, and the wonderful stories from those who have used the Essences to empower their lives.


The mission of Shell Essences is to help us all achieve an internal sense of harmony, peace and creative life direction, to awaken our own intrinsic self-healing and wisdom and contribute to the creation of higher consciousness on the planet.

As a vibrational healing practitioner I have used essences a lot and found the Shell Essences some of the most profound healing supporters on the planet. 

It gives me great pleasure to speak with my guest Nancy Parker this week – why not join me?