Hello there

 Pollyanna Darling is  happy to offer a free 30 minute intuitive phone session to the person that posts the best, most vibrant answer to this question:

 “How do you know if you’re in love?” 

Pollyanna has created a post on The Relationship Revelation blog (http://therelationshiprevelation.wordpress.com) titled

Creative Soul Cafe Competition  with a link to the interview.

Please use the comments section to answer the question.

The competition is open for 2 weeks from today!

And I will start the ball rolling and get you into the mood with a few love poems from my pen!!!


I look

And fill my eyes

I feel

And lose my arms

I taste

And  savour my tastebuds

I hear

And surrender my heart

I know

And let go my mind

I am

Blissed to overflowing

At knowing you

My love.


and another ….


In a moment of regard unnoticed

Your face in profiled reverie

You emanate oh! so gently

The love that is your being….

And in the mext moment

You turn, smile

And the fullness of love

Shines from your face

Pole-axing me with your



It is your tenderness

That has the  most

Charm for me

Its embrace, so unexpected

It takes my breath away.


Your words weave

Magic threads through my heart

Opening me with each breath

To loving you more.


When I look into your eyes

My love

I see all the expressions of

God made manifest!


Wishing you the blessings of love in your life!